Dues Structure

Dues structure for 2018

In 2009 (and amended June of 2012), the Board of Directors approved a graduated dues increase, and a differentiated dues structure based on the economic circumstances of your county of residence.  The differentiation is based on economic categories determined by the World Bank List of Economies (appended to the end of this communication).  When we launched our new web-based management system, we concurrently entered our final phase of the dues structure changes.

Dues now cover our fiscal year, January 1-December 31 fiscal year. 

The fee is in USD

Graduated Raises in Dues, IACEP (Amended June 2012)
Overview High Income and Low Income Countries 

Income Group based on World Bank List of Economies2018
Regular Member Rates
High income countries$100
Low income countries$50
Student Rates
High income countries$50
Low income countries$25

Student status may be retained for up to four years, including receiving the journal and having access to our conferences at member rates.