IACEP was founded in 1988 at the first IACEP International Conference held in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Eleven biennial international conferences have been held in locations throughout the world since 1988. Beginning in April of 2000, some regional conferences have been held by IACEP affiliates and regional Vice Presidents in off-years. A twenty-year anniversary conference was celebrated at Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada on November 2-5, 2008.

The IACEP journal was first published in 1992 as The Journal of Cognitive Education and Mediated Learning and was initially made available in an on-line format. Springer Publishing Company began publishing the Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology in a hard copy and online format (Volume 8, Number 1) in January, 2009.

A Constitution was drafted and approved by the IACEP Executive Committee in March, 1994. There have been four subsequent revisions to the Constitution, in 1995, 1997, 1999, and 2002 (link to constitution). Since its inception in 1988, IACEP has been represented by Presidents from seven different countries.

Biennial International Conferences

Conference I Lake Louise November, 1988

Conference II Mons, Belgium July, 1990

Conference III Riverside, California, USA February, 1992

Conference IV Nof Ginossar, Israel July, 1993

Conference V Kiamesha Lake, NY, USA July, 1995

Conference VI Stellenbosch, South Africa July, 1997

Conference VII Calgary, Canada June, 1999

Conference VIII Jyvaskyla, Finland June, 2001

Conference IX Seattle, Washington, USA July, 2003

Conference X Durham, England, UK July 2005

Conference XI Knoxville, TN, USA July, 2007

Conference XII Osnabrueck, Germany July, 2009

Conference XIII Boston, USA, July 2011

Conference XIV Leiden, The Netherlands, June 2013

The IACEP XV Biennal Internationa Conference, Athens, Greece, June 2015

IACEP XVI International Conference, Guadalajara, Mexico  January 2018

IACEP International Conference Partnering with Feuerstein Institute, 2021

Regional Conferences

Leiden University, The Netherlands April, 2000

Santiago, Chile May, 2000

Ponce, Dominican Republic May, 2002

Rimini, Italy May, 2002

Montreal, Canada May, 2002

Vancouver, B.C. Canada November, 2004

Lake Louise Alberta, Canada November, 2008

Cape Town, South Africa February, 2009

San Diego, California 2010

Geneva, Switzerland, May, 2012

Budapest, Hungary, June 19-20, 2014

Vancouver, BC Canada, july 11 and 12, 2016

Cracow, Poland, September 15-16, 2016

Santiago, Chile 2019

Former Presidents of IACEP

1988-1992 Carl Haywood (USA)

1992-1993 Marilyn Samuels (Canada)

1993-1995 Jerry Carlson (USA)

1995-1997 Adrian Ashman (Australia)

1997-1999 Katherine Greenberg (USA)

1999-2001 David Tzuriel (Israel)

2001-2003 Martin Miller (USA)

2003-2005 Julian Elliott (UK)

2005-2007 Jerry Carlson (USA)

2007-2009 Karl Wiedl (Germany)

2009-2011 Robert Sternberg (USA)

2011-2013 Wilma Resing (The Netherlands)

2013-2015 Adina Shamir (Israel)

2015-2017 Marco Hessels (Switzerland)

2017-2021 Matthew E. Poehner (USA)