IACEP Membership

Here’s What IACEP Has to Offer You as a Member

A scientific/professional journal: Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology

An IACEP membership includes a subscription to the Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology. The JCEP, published by Spring Publishing Company, is the official publication of the International Association for Cognitive Education and Psychology. The JCEP presents in-depth articles on theory and empirical research as well as current practice and effectiveness of cognitive assessment, cognitive rehabilitation, cognitive education, and psychology around the world. The JCEP is published three times a year and is available to members in a hard copy and online format. The Editorial Board welcomes contributions to the Journal by both members of the IACEP and those who are not yet members. The JCEP features three sections: Theory and Research, Cognitive Education Around the World, and What’s New in Cognitive Education. The What’s New section includes book reviews as well as summaries of books and educational/psychological materials that are new to the market. This section also contains abstracts of recent master’s theses and doctoral dissertations in the general domain of cognitive development, education, and assessment.

News and updates in the fields of cognitive education and cognitive psychology

IACEP’s two-month newsletter will keep you informed of current developments within the IACEP Association. It provides news about international and regional conferences and meetings on cognitive education and psychology and also about networking professional and research interest groups. The Newsletter is sent directly to our members to their personal or professional email address, or to a designated membership email account.

Information about professional training in cognitive education and psychology

IACEP is committed to keeping you abreast of the latest conferences and workshops throughout the world that are designed to enhance the professional development of cognitive educators, psychologists and their partners. IACEP is dedicated to listening to its members about what interests them, so that we can develop our own professional conferences to support the practical and research interests of our members. Our conferences are designed to support the professional growth of new as well as experienced practitioners and researchers. The primary event of the IACEP is a biennial international conference. Additionally, regional conferences are hosted by IACEP affiliated groups. IACEP also maintains a list of trainers that provides names and contact information of specialists who provide professional development on various topics. Workshop Information and resource information for educators, psychologists, administrators and parents are also made available on the IACEP web site. When you register for IACEP members, you have access to the IACEP forums and interest groups. The Scientist Forums were created specifically as a place where cognitive educators and psychologists can join in a meaningful dialogue with others who share similar research interests. IACEP also offers our members leadership opportunity, for those who are new to the association and also for veteran members.

Membership Directory

IACEP maintains a membership directory that can be searched by name, country, zip code, region, area of interest and language. IACEP members represent different countries from throughout the world and they speak many languages.  In an effort to increase communication about cognitive education and psychology, the IACEP invites members to provide information about their primary and secondary languages and to make this information available in the membership directory.

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