2020 Conference Postponed


In light of recent news concerning the COVID-19, or Coronavirus, IACEP has decided to postpone the scheduled research conference in Montreal from July, 2020 to July, 2021. This decision has not been made lightly but reflects growing concern over the virus’s rapid spread to many parts of the world and current policies restricting travel and implementing mandatory quarantine periods. IACEP conferences enjoy strong representation from countries that are currently strongly affected by the virus, and it appears likely that other nations from which our members travel are soon to be impacted. Indeed, other professional organizations in which some of our members are active have recently announced more ‘last-minute’ cancellation or postponement of their respective conferences. To avoid a scenario in which many of our members find themselves in a difficult position of seeking reimbursements, etc. for cancelled flights, hotel stays, and other expenses, IACEP has decided to take this course of action now rather than waiting.

All submissions for the 2020 IACEP conference will be reviewed as planned, and offers of acceptance will be for the new event in July, 2021. The 2021 IACEP conference will be held in Montreal, and the organization is working with our local contacts to determine the precise dates. That information and other details will be forthcoming, and as always, we highly encourage all to share this with colleagues, students, and practitioners who might be interested in attending or presenting at the conference.

IACEP apologies for any inconvenience this decision may cause our members. Again, the decision to postpone was taken very seriously and the move to act well in advance is intended to minimize any hardships. In parting, we wish to express our sincere wishes to all our members, their families and friends, and to all affected by this disease.

Matthew E. Poehner

Professor of World Languages Education and Applied Linguistics
President, International Association for Cognitive Education and Psychology
Associate Editor, Language and Sociocultural Theory
The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
159 Chambers Building
University Park, PA 16802