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The official Dynamic Assessment website with extensive bibliographyVygotsky
This page offers a very thorough set of materials on Vygotsky’s life and his theory along with links to the work of his most influential colleagues and those whose theories of mental development interface with his, including Bakhtin, Piaget, Luria, and Ilyenkov. Explanations of such important concepts as mediation, collaboration, semiotic activity, and inclusion can also be found. Finally, the page contains links to studies where Vygotskian principles have been put into practice in the educational setting.
This page provides a brief but informative overview of Vygotskian principles with special focus on their application to education. It is a good first place to go for someone who is not that familiar with Vygotsky’s theory.Dynamic testing & Cognitive training & Teaching thinking – Philosophy
Philosophy for children in the classroom
Teaching children philosophy
Philosophy for children: general
Youtube. Matthew Lipman
Youtube: Philosophy in the classroomHOTS: Higher Order Thinking Skills
HOTS is a general thinking skills program for Title I and LD students in grades 4-8 that accelerates learning, test scores and social confidence. The HOTS approach, developed by Stanley Pogrow, combines software with a sophisticated curriculum and Socratic dialogue in small group settings.
Dynamic assessment in speech and language therapyThe Basic Concepts Programme
A metacognitive programme for young children (5yrs-8yrs) who experience learning
Key to Learning is an educational programme which gives parents and teachers the tools to develop children’s cognitive learning abilities.  It is based on the ideas formed by educationalists and psychologists from the Vygotsky school and further refined by the latest world-wide research into children’s learning processes.Peer Assisted Learning Strategies
PALS Reading and PALS Math were developed to help teachers accommodate diverse learners and to promote their academic success.  PALS is listed among best evidence-supported math programs on the John Hopkins University website, Best Evidence Encyclopedias (BEE) and What Works Clearinghouse. FeuersteinInternational Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential
Reuven Feuerstein’s center for clinical applications of the Mediated Learning Experience approach to Dynamic Assessment.The Center for Cognitive-developmental Assessment and Remediation
Established by Boris Gindis, this center applies Dynamic Assessment principles with internationally adopted children and their families.
International center for cognition and learning: mindladder
Mindladder program for school leaders
Stipco opportunitiesThe International Center for Mediated Learning
Built upon the Mediated Constructivism Theory, also known as the MindLadder model, a Dynamic Assessment application developed by Mogens and Myltreda Jensen and inspired largely by Feuerstein’s Mediated Learning Experience. This site provides information for school districts interested in establishing MindLadder programs.The Southeastern Center for the Enhancement of Learning
Located in Atlanta, GA, this center is affiliated with Reuven Feuerstein’s International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential and offers clinical services and training in Feuerstein’s Mediated Learning Experience.
Cognitive abilities profileInternational Renewal Institute, Inc. (iRi)
The mission of IRI is to provide educators with the tools and students with the cognitive-based programs which improve critical thinking and reasoning skills, literacy, and mathematics achievement. All programs are geared to prepare students for the academic, work, and life requirements of the demanding 21st century.