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This page offers a very thorough set of materials on Vygotsky’s life and his theory along with links to the work of his most influential colleagues and those whose theories of mental development interface with his, including Bakhtin, Piaget, Luria, and Ilyenkov. Explanations of such important concepts as mediation, collaboration, semiotic activity, and inclusion can also be found. Finally, the page contains links to studies where Vygotskian principles have been put into practice in the educational setting.
This page provides a brief but informative overview of Vygotskian principles with special focus on their application to education. It is a good first place to go for someone who is not that familiar with Vygotsky’s theory.


International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential
Reuven Feuerstein’s center for clinical applications of the Mediated Learning Experience approach to Dynamic Assessment.



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